You need a social worker

Oct 10, 2019

Partnering with social workers and psychologists, or an agency like ours can help provide you and your patients with amazing, well-rounded care.

WHY you need a social worker, or two on staff, and how we can help make it easy!

You have a patient or know of someone who is suffering from both physical and mental health issues. The first stop they will most likely make will be to their primary care provider. Imagine their surprise when they can see providers for both issues in one place! Sounds like a great idea, huh? We think so too!

There is a long-standing issue in healthcare. Although mental health and substance abuse issues are often linked with physical health problems, they are usually treated separately and as a result, many mental health issues go untreated. That is why there are a number of primary care providers who are bringing in social workers! We can all work together to prevent patients from falling into that space between physical and mental health treatment.


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation has found that nonmedical factors play a substantially larger role than do medical factors in health. They also found that social, behavioral and environmental factors determine 60% of one’s overall health. 60%! So why do some consider it perfectly “normal” to pay a visit to their primary care provider, but consider is “unusual” or “unnecessary” to go to a mental health provider?

Did you know…

It has been shown that mental health issues can actually contribute to physical illness. Lack of treatment can increase the risk of getting sick and/or make illnesses worse? Mental health challenges can also help a person to make poor health choices, have poor eating habits, and worse, have reckless behavior.

As a provider,

Do you typically refer patients to an agency like LIV when you notice a mental health concern? If your answer is yes, that’s great and we truly appreciate your referrals. However, did you know that less than 25% of those people actually follow up, and agree to services? This means, there are people falling through the cracks. Mental health issues can persist, affecting their lives, and potentially worsening their physical condition. This is why some providers are choosing to bring in social workers, like us, to provide mental health treatment, right in their clinic. Treatment of mental health challenges is critical to a high overall quality of life, and social workers in a primary care provider’s office is a great way to get patients the treatment they need!

As a patient,

We are still providing the same great services in your home, and offering care that comes to you, but would it be easier for you to meet with a therapist or case manager right on the spot, or before getting discharged from the hospital? At LIV Health our goal is to provide the best care possible, when it is most convenient for you!

So, how does this work? 

Contracting with LIV Health is easy! It means no vetting new employees, pesky interviewing process, background checks or providing liability insurance. We do all of these things for you! We have an amazing team of social workers and psychologists who will work with you and your patients to provide the best care possible! At LIV, we can document in your charting system, as well as, help with chronic care management, and behavioral therapy. We can also provide medical social work services if you are a home health agency.

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