Yoga and Mental Health

Nov 23, 2019

What are the benefits?

This week we’re joining forces with Little Lotus Yoga Studio in Cheyenne to talk about yoga and mental health.

Little Lotus Yoga’s mission is to provide a peaceful, supportive space to foster a developing and advancing yoga practice for the community. They offer quality, inspired yoga. Classes are led by highly-skilled, knowledgeable and passionate teachers in a friendly community environment, to ensure health and well-being for all.

Did you know that Little Lotus started with being geared more towards kids and families? It quickly evolved to include the elderly, the active and beginners. They believe yoga should be available for every Body. which is why they offer classes for every age, skill level and at multiple price points!

How can yoga BENEFIT OUR mental health?

According to Theresa Hansen, owner of Little Lotus Yoga, “yoga can help with things like Insomnia, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and more. She says “Yogis for thousands of years have known the benefits of yoga on the mind and body. Yoga takes the body out of the fight and flight response that we live the majority of our lives in and initiates the parasympathetic nervous system. This helps put the body in a rest and renewal state and is beneficial for our adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and overall hormone regulatory systems. When our hormones are regulated we feel better mentally and physically.” Theresa also mentions yoga can be unknowing for people which can be scary at first, however, yoga has a really great physical and mental component for people’s lives, to really get them engaged in their bodies, and to get people reconnected to themselves.”

Things to know about attending a class At Little Lotus…

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to register, kick your shoes off, use the facilities and settle into your space on the mat. This ensures you don’t feel rushed and have ample time to meet those who will be sharing in your experience.
  2. Once checked in, enter the studio without shoes (you can carry them to the changing room in the back, this is where you can store personal belongings such as purses, coats, etc). Set up your mat, collect and props and chat with those around you.
  3. Little Lotus strives to honor the container of YOUR time and will make every effort to start and end classes on time.
  4. Most teachers begin with a centering, which is an opportunity for you to tune into yourself and connect to your breath.
  5. Your teacher will give you general instructions about a pose, and may also give you individual instruction on how to enhance your practice. They may even physically adjust your body while you are in a pose, to help you know what proper alignment should feel like. Each class will end with a brief period of relaxation and meditation.
  6. In many cases, you may experience muscle soreness or light fatigue after class. It is encouraged to drink plenty of water.

Learn more about Little Lotus Yoga, their instructors, and upcoming special events,

What type of classes are offered at Litle Lotus Yoga?

Slow Flow and Restore, FriYAY Flow as well as a new Chair Yoga class, Vinyasa, ArOMaYoga, Morning Cup of Yoga, Barre and more. Check out the full class listing on their website,

Slow Flow and Restore begins with an all-levels gentle flow. Refresh the body and mind, and relieve any tension from the day.

FriYAY Flow is a fun way to end your week. Theresa will lead you through an active flow with fun music. Release the stress, worry, and tension of the week and put your mind at ease to enjoy your weekend.

Chair Yoga is a gentle practice where students will perform postures, stretching, and breathing exercises. You will experience the benefits of yoga without having to get up and down from the floor. This class is great for everyone who would like to increase balance, strength, range of motion and stress reduction.

Vinyasa Flow is a practice of postures statically and dynamically. This builds a solid base for more advanced poses and faster-paced flows. For beginners and seasoned yogis who wish to grow in their practice.

Little Lotus has classes for everyone, at any age and skill level! To learn more about all the classes, and what days and times they’re offered,

Little Lotus Yoga is located at 110 E. Lincolnway, Suite D in Cheyenne. Contact them by calling 602.690.2265 or email grubbyt2@hotmail.com.

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