What is Your Why

What's Your Why


What is your Why? What’s it like to work with LIV Health? Here are the people that make our team so great! Take a second to get to know them better, and find out their why…

Emily what is your why

Hey Emily, what is your why?

“It was important to me that I have a career that matters. I’ve always been a very passionate person and social work just seemed to fit my personality and my life goals really well. It always keeps my interest and my passion alive because it is such a diverse and dynamic field. You never know what the challenges will be, but I love being a part of the solutions and using my education and experience to solve many different problems. Social workers come from all walks of life. I have learned and grown so much because of the many, many social workers who have inspired and taught me what the important things truly are. It’s an honor to have a place in this field.”

– Emily, Founder/CEO



Troy what is your why

Hey Troy, what is your why?

“Over five years ago, Emily, my wife came to me with an idea about helping people in the community. Through her work at the V.A. and at a local home health agency, she saw so many aging members in this area who needed in-home services. However, many of those people did not know about the services available to them. So, she decided to start LIV Health in hopes of helping them. She started on her own, then she hired a second employee to help her, then a third, and now she has over 20 employees. After seeing her exhaust herself on the daily operations of running the company, I decided to leave my job at WYDOT to alleviate the pressures of managing the financial operations. I would like to think this helps her spend more time passing on the many skills and lessons she has learned in the field of social work and beyond to the employees who in turn serve the patients.

Growing up in Northeast Colorado, visiting family throughout Northern Colorado, graduating high school and college in Laramie, and now residing in Cheyenne, I have a special connection with the entire area we serve. It feels good to help my wife and to know that I am a part of this company that helps so many people in Southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado. I am so proud when I hear how LIV Health employees have positively impacted hundreds of lives in the region. I am happy to do my part in managing the financial operations, so our employees have the resources they need to help as many people in the region as possible. It is my way of giving back to the area I love and have always called home.”

– Troy, CFO



Karen Person

Hey Karen, what is your why?

“I first met and worked with Emily, the owner of LIV Health, while working at a home health care agency when one day she asked me if I would like to come work for her at LIV. I knew that Emily was a very compassionate person, but it really wasn’t until I began working at LIV that I found out just what a truly compassionate, caring and incredible person Emily is. The dream she has for this company and what she is doing with LIV and the home health community is beyond amazing. I just sit back in awe watching LIV grow and wondering which direction she is going next. Then there are all of my LIV co-workers. These clinicians and case managers also are such incredible people and the kindest souls I have ever met. Day after day they are impacting people’s and families’ lives in so many ways. I feel that the positive spirits and vibes that surround LIV simply draw these remarkable people. I enjoy working for LIV and am grateful to be part of such an extraordinary company that is making its mark in the healthcare community. This is a very satisfying job for so many reasons.”

 – Karen, Lead Admin



Pat Engler-Parish

Hey Pat, what is your why?

I became a social worker after I delivered home-delivered meals for 15 years and observed homebound, mostly aging adults, who were alone and had no one to help them navigate the health care system or a real person to go to when they needed help with basic human needs such as safety, food, and shelter. This experience made me more acutely aware of my own life of privilege and my own belief that every person, no matter what their circumstance, be treated with dignity.”

– Pat, Therapist (Laramie)



Wendy Pischer

Hey Wendy, what is your why?

“I knew from a young age I would be in a helping profession. Life took an unexpected turn and I didn’t go back to school until my mid 20’s after my son was born. I was a single mother and needed to get back on track. I was blessed enough to get involved with a life-changing organization that supported single parents and their dreams of college and self-sufficiency. During my six years of working with a wonderful mentor, I was able to find my true direction….social work. I wanted to be able to give back. Getting the guidance, encouragement, and confidence I needed to raise my son alone and finish college. I wanted to be that support for others. It wasn’t until I got my first “real” job as a social worker at a nursing home that I knew working with the older population is where I was meant to be. Restoring hope, providing guidance and “unscrambling eggs” (as one patient explains it). “

 – Wendy, Lead Case Manager



Greg Stelzner

Hey, Greg what is your why?

“Becoming a social worker was something that came out as I continued to develop and study in my undergraduate work in Criminal Justice. The original plan was to go to Law School because I wanted to be able to help youth and families that became entangled in the criminal justice system. Fortunately, I am married to a social worker and she was able to help me understand that I would be most helpful if I were to apply for the Master of Social Work program. So I did and was accepted to the program with the University of Wyoming. It was week one of MSW studies that I was made aware of the huge gap in services and attention that was being paid to our growing older adult population, and I became passionate about learning the issues and needs in this population. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work with LIV Health for the past three and a half years because I have been able to work with older adults and put my studies in the MSW program to practice. “

– Greg, Lead Therapist



Cortney Stelzner

Hey Cortney, what is your why?

“My journey to becoming a social worker started many years ago when I was getting my undergraduate degree at CSU. I was searching for inspiration and meaning in my life and decided to take a social work class. I was in awe of the social work professors. They were so inspirational and wonderful. I wanted to surround myself with people like that for the rest of my life. When I was working as a social worker in North Dakota in my early 20’s a mentor of mine, who had her master’s in social work, encouraged and supported me while going back to school. She believed I would be a great mental health therapist. I completed my Master’s degree and have loved every minute of my career as a therapist since. The best part of being a social worker and a mental health therapist is being surrounded by some of the most wonderful people in the world who enrich my life every day. I’m so honored by those who share their stories with me and allow me to be part of their lives. I’m very proud and grateful to be able to call myself a social worker.”

– Cortney, Therapist (Cheyenne)



Jennifer Lindstrom

Hey Jenn, what is your why?

“As cliche as it sounds, social work has always been a part of who I am. My education didn’t begin in social work through, that came after finishing a degree I wasn’t using and realized I wasn’t applying my passion or energy in the correct field. I wanted to feel fulfilled, to do that, I knew I needed to regroup and change directions. Since I began this transition in 2011, I have worked with a number of populations and I have found my home.

I work as a case manager and a therapist now for LIV Health, and I have to say I love both roles. I want to be there for people in the dark trenches and in the light of hope. To remind people they matter and are valued despite troubling circumstances. For me, social work has provided a transformative lens on the world, humanity, and myself. I grow from each one of my clients, and I genuinely believe in people and the power of presence and compassion. Another important aspect of social work that has been powerful is the sense of community I feel from my colleagues, mentors, and teachers along with way. Just as we strive to be a support for others, we are a support for each other in this field and I think that is so awesome.”

-Jenn, Therapist/Case Manager (Cheyenne)



Bailey Reigel

Hey Bailey, what is your why?

“I had many interactions with social workers growing up. Having parents in the health care profession, I met a social worker at the age of ten that worked with my parents. I was always so interested in her job and how she was able to help so many people who were sick and needed support. A few years later my parents decided to adopt from Ethiopia. We had to complete many home visits and interviews with a social worker throughout that process. At that point, I was able to see how social workers could change someone’s life for the better (my brothers and my family’s).
Throughout my life, I was around great social workers that led me to the social work profession. I find myself so incredibly blessed to help people every day and absolutely love my job of being a SOCIAL WORKER!”

– Bailey, Case Manager (Laramie)



Lisa Otto

Hey Lisa, what is your why?

“Even as a young child, I enjoyed helping people. I used to volunteer at our local nursing home when I was in middle school and loved listening to the stories the residents would share. I still love listening to the stories others have to share! Being a social worker is one of the greatest honors as people let you into their lives and share part of who they are with you.”

– Lisa, Therapist (Laramie)



Tessa Matzen

Hey Tessa, what is your why?

“I originally started in nursing as I wanted to “help” people. During practical’s I quickly realized I did not like the physical aspect of nursing, bodily fluids could really make me sick! I also noticed that while I was providing physical care for patients the majority of the patients were lacking in emotional care, it was difficult to build relationships with patients as there was always something else on the list that ranked higher. I decided to change my major to social work as I felt that I would be able to provide true “help” to patients. I love being a social worker as I am able to meet a client where they are at and build off of their strengths. Being a social worker I am able to holistically provide care for patients, and I have less contact with bodily fluids. Ultimately helping others really “helps” me as I feel a strong purpose in life!”

– Tessa, Therapist (Laramie and Cheyenne)



Dr. Rachel Eby

Hey Rachel, what is your why?

“As a child, I thought that there might be something “wrong” with me because seeing others being misunderstood or ostracized seemed to disturb me more than it did others. I thought that maybe I was too sensitive or that it was foolish to want to protect others who were “different” from unfair judgment. While I still feel the inclination to protect vulnerable people, I now see it as a personal strength. I feel a sense of duty based on the experiences I have been afforded to provide a compassionate perspective – that there is always more than can be seen on the surface, and that people are doing the best they can with what they have.

The strong desire I have to understand others and to challenge my own beliefs and perspectives about others is part of what drove me to pursue a helping profession. I want to broaden my understanding of the range of human experience, and I want to convey that understanding to others. I hope to allow others to feel understood, to know that someone “gets them” and that they belong.”

– Rachel, Psychologist (Cheyenne and Northern Colorado)



Ashley Jones


Hey Ashley, what is your why?

“From a young age, I knew I wanted to help people and social work gave me the opportunity to do just that. When I was working as a legal assistant, I was made acutely aware of the inequalities within my community and I decided to become a part of the solution. The social work profession allows me to continually impact peoples lives for the better. I am able to connect my patients with the resources they need and assist them in finding solutions to some challenging situations. I feel blessed that I am in a position to provide this support to others and that I work for such an amazing company that offers these services. I get to wake up every day and help people and I can not imagine a better profession! I love being a social worker!”

– Ashley, Case Manager (Cheyenne)



Courtney Roberts

Hey Courtney, what is your why?

“Not being a social worker, I started out with LIV Health doing freelance design work, my background is in graphic design and the arts. Deciding to go full time with LIV, while being a hard decision, was one of the best decisions! I could not ask to be part of a more amazing team of caring and compassionate people.

At first, I felt like I was not doing “enough” because I’m not out there in the community helping people. I have come to realize getting the word out about LIV is an important part of the team. If people don’t know about LIV, how will our awesome therapists and case managers help people? I’m so thankful I get to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives!”

– Courtney, Marketing Coordinator



Gabrielle Jorns

Hey Gabrielle, what is your why?

“Ever since I was a child I’ve always enjoyed helping people, whether it be by sharing pencils or comforting a peer on the playground when they fell. I was also very close to my aunt who was a social worker. Throughout high school, I would spend time with my aunt and learn about her job and the community she supported. My interest in social work grew with the knowledge I gained from my aunt. During college, I interned at a hospice and my interest in social work became even stronger. The interactions that I had with hospice patients and their family members really solidified my interest and passion to become a social worker. I really enjoy working with people and supporting them through whatever situations they encounter.”

– Gabrielle, Case Manager (Cheyenne)



Stephanie Ward

Hey Stephanie, what is your why?

“I’ve always enjoyed working in a field where I get to help people. Although I do not see patients directly in my position, I still get to help out, and assist all of our amazing social workers so I can make their day a tiny bit easier! I play a small role next to all of the therapists and case manages here at LIV. It’s amazing to see what they do day in and day out. Working for this company has such a powerful feeling and has brought a lot of positivity back into my life. What a rewarding job this is!”

– Stephanie, Administrative Assistant



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