The 4th Act

Sep 26, 2019


This week’s LIV Local Spotlight features the 4th act in Wellington, Colorado. A new adult daycare for those experiencing the beginning stages of dementia.

Can you imagine a different type of care?

Well the 4th act, located in Wellington, Colorado is providing exactly that. They are a small dementia daycare providing individualized care for persons with beginning stages of dementia.

Steph and Lisa are setting a new standard for dementia care. Steph is trained in Counseling Psychology, and Lisa is an Occupational Therapists who has worked in the field of geriatrics for over 20 years.

What made Steph and Lisa start the 4th act?

To offer an enjoyable and meaningful experience in the daily lives of the dementia population. Their focus is on abilities, not disabilities. They are caregivers and love listening to stories, learning and growing with those they serve. The dream? To create a different kind of care partnered with activity, laughter, singing, music and the sound of a hammer hitting a nail (more on that in a minute).

the 4th act’s mission

Our belief is that all persons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and persons living with dementia are no exception. They have expertise and knowledge that is often lost in their minds, and it is our job at the 4th act to help them find that knowledge, expertise and help them have a more fulfilling quality of life.

What services do the 4th act provide?

  • Indoor spaces for relaxing, playing games, cooking and more
  • Outdoor spaces for recreational activities
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Woodshop, here’s where the hammer and nail come in, they actually have a large woodshop for those who love to tinker!
  • Caregiver support groups (more on that in a minute)
  • and more

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy, connect with the 4th act by calling 970.818.2402 or send an email to the4thactsl@gmail.com, and set up a time to meet with Steph and Lisa.

The first step – is starting with an in-depth screening to learn about you or your loved one, so they are able to provide socialization in an empowering environment while allowing them to make decisions on what they would like to be involved in during the day.

Who qualifies for services?

Individuals who qualify for services are in the beginning stages of dementia. Symptoms they may be exhibiting include:

  • Wandering with no defined purpose
  • Forgetting things such as who they are or where they live
  • Forgetting to turn things off, such as the stove
  • Having difficulty making decisions

The 4th act’s primary focus is dementia, however, there are many different types, so if you are curious to see if you or your loved one will qualify, please reach out to Steph and Lisa, or us at LIV Health, and we would be happy to get you started.

You mentioned Caregiver Support Groups, above in the services section. What’s that all about?

Yes, the 4th act offers a support group for caregivers. Learn about the signs and symptoms of dementia and ways to work with your loved one! This support group is free, yes FREE, to all, and will be presented by Bradley J. Martin, PA-C, Ph.D., who is a Neurology Physician Assistant.

WHEN: Saturday, September 28th at 12:30 pm

WHERE: the 4th act, 3524 West Garfield Ave in Wellington

If you have questions or need more information, call 970.818.2402.

Find out more about the 4th act by checking them out online…

You can also find them on

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