Tomi Ogundimu, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Tomi Ogundimu, PMHNP-BC
PMHNP Team Lead
Tomi Ogundimu graduated from Clayton State University, GA with a B.Sc. in Health care management and went on to complete another B.Sc. in Nursing from Chamberlain University.

After practicing as a community nurse working with geriatric population for a year, Tomi became the director of nursing, in which she held the position for 4 years before deciding to focus on another aspect of nursing. Tomi moved on to working with a different minority group focusing on infectious disease with co-morbidities in mental illness, which is where she developed her interest in mental illness.

With increased interest in mental illness, Tomi decided to obtain an advance degree from Frontier Nursing University and became a psych nurse practitioner. Since obtaining the degree, Tomi worked at an inpatient facility in Texas with pediatric population, journeyed on to working with all age groups and precepting nursing students.

Tomi has served as a member of the American association of nurse practitioners. Other than enjoying working with her patients, she enjoys family time and traveling.