Raven Coward, LCSW

Raven Coward, LCSW
Crisis Clinician
Raven graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BA in Social Work and then went on to pursue her Master’s of Social Work from UW. Raven has worked as a therapist in the Cheyenne community since 2016 providing care for children and adults. Raven is passionate about providing evidence based care for individuals with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Trauma. Raven is LGBTQ+ Affirming and trained in CBT, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Brain Spotting and believes in a person first approach.

In the past Raven has been a social worker with LCSD1, collected bio psycho social information for psychological testing companies, worked in a respite care setting, provided mental health supports and psycho education for an all girls summer camp and has her own private practice.

Currently on the weekends Raven can be found at the LIV Mental Health Urgent Care as a Crisis Clinician or as a therapist for same day counseling. During the week, Raven is the Director of Psychological Health for the Wyoming Air National Guard.