Lizbeth Gonzalez, MSW, SWC

Lizbeth Gonzales
Lizbeth has earned her Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from Colorado State University.

Lizbeth Gonzalez believes that there is nothing that cannot be changed by a person if they propose themselves to change. Anything that people are not enjoying, liking about themselves or about what they are going through in life with family members or even themselves is changeable and can become a permanent change in someone’s life. She enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families and is determined to allow people to regain hope in any kind of situation that may be present in people’s lives by listening, and providing a safe space for each person to be able to overcome any mental, problem, behavioral problem, substance abuse, also any anxiety or depression that people are experiencing that is interfering with them to have an enjoyable and hopeful life.

Lizbeth has extensive experience working with individuals starting from age 5 till 90 years old, couples, adolescents, teenagers and families throughout Colorado. She has been very active and involved with medical providers due to her being a prior Certified Nurse Assistant. She has served at Larimer Community Correction, and Turning Point assisting individuals of ages from starting teenagers to adults who were at high- risk with developing the necessary skill sets and coping methods to turn their lives around. Lizbeth has served as well at Grand Family Coalition serving different age populations as well and helping them maintain a relationship with people outside or inside their homes while helping them improve their patience and better their self-esteem

Lizbeth has been married to her husband thirteen years and has three incredible and unique children, which she enjoy spending quality time with them.