The holidays do not have to be a stressful time filled with elaborate gifts, crazy meals, and massive amounts of baked goods. Sometimes we get so busy with all of the shopping, and wrapping that we forget the true meaning of Christmas. We forget that there are those who may be less fortunate struggling to make ends meet, struggling to feed their children, or struggling to find joy in this season.

Volunteering your time, adopting a family to buy gifts for, ringing the bell for Salvation Army, or giving to those less fortunate are all great ways to spread holiday cheer this season.

Check out these local resources to find out where you can volunteer…
You can also Contact your local schools, shelters or food pantries to see if they know of any needs within our communities. There are so many ways to give, especially during the holidays! Kindness is contagious, spread that stuff everywhere!
Happy Holidays!