Social Distancing Activities and Resources

Apr 9, 2020

Since we are all staying in this social distancing space for at least the next month or so, we wanted to have a space to include all of the resources we have put together for this time in our lives. So, without further adieu, here are our social distancing activities and resources for you to use, refer back to and share!

First up is Leslie.

Leslie is one of our Therapists, and she is also a Registered Yoga Instructor. She has taken some time to put together a short and easy yoga flow. So, if you’re a seasoned yogi looking for some new content, or a beginner just looking to try yoga out, we’re glad you found us and we’re happy to share!

Next, we have Dr. Ainara Echanove.

Ainara is one of our Psychologists, and our Team Lead for Cheyenne and Northern Colorado. She has taken some time to put together a meditation. So whether you have trouble sleeping or just need to take a second to shut of your brain, and have a moment for yourself. Check it out!

Lastly, our Silver Linings Packet

We’ve been sharing a bunch of this content on our social media accounts, so if you don’t follow us there, what are you waiting for? We’ve put together a packet of worksheets and activities to hopefully help find a sense of normalcy during this time. Doing some or all of these worksheets is an opportunity to set up a routine and find positive ways to soothe our anxieties, and fears, all while staying entertained and helping our family, friends, and communities.  So, print this out, fill it out, and share it with anyone and everyone!

StayPositive, Better days are on their way.
Silver Linings Packet Pages
We are here for you and your loved ones in whatever capacity you need us at the moment. We are still open and are continuing to see patients for mental health therapy and case management through our telehealth platforms.

LIV More is also open, taking precautions and doing their best to keep their clients and staff healthy, but they are able to get and deliver groceries, do check-in visits and help in whatever way they can.

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