Veteran Directed Care

What is Veteran Directed Care, (VDC)?

Veteran-directed Home and Community-based Services is a program funded by the VA that allows eligible Veterans to receive services in their home and community while managing their own service plan and budget. Also known as VIP, the Veterans Independence Program helps veterans to live independently, in their own homes, and not in nursing care. Veteran-directed care helps veterans of all ages who need non-medical supports and services, coaching and assistance with daily or instrumental activities, are isolated or whose caregiver is overburdened. The veteran or a caregiver manage their flexible budget to pay for services.

This service is available in the entire Cheyenne VAMC service area, including Southeast Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

This program can be a great choice for Veterans who have family and friends currently providing unpaid home care. The Veteran Directed Care Program may also be the only choice of care for some of our rural Veterans due to the lack of existing community resources or home health care.

This program may not be a good choice for every Veteran, due to the responsibility and communication required of the Veteran, or the Veteran Designated Representative to participate in the program.

How will I benefit from Veteran Directed Care?

You will be in charge of your services. You will be able to choose supports and services that fit your assessed needs. Under VDC you will manage a budge for your services. You’ll be able to:

  • Create your own spending plan
  • Choose where and when the services are provided
  • Choose your personal care assistants and pay them (if personal care is part of your plan)
  • Save for needed equipment or vehicle and residential modification

Eligibility Requirements:

Your VA Medical Center will determine whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for this program based on their medical and functional criteria.

How is my budget determined?

By the VA, and is based upon the care needs and where you live.

Things to remember:

  • Veteran Directed Care consults may be placed by a LIP, Social Worker, or Registered Nurse
  • Veterans must have a documented ADL dependency.
  • Veterans must be seen in the prior 12 months by a VA PACT Team or HBPC to enroll in the program, and be seen every 12 months to continue to participate.
  • The Veteran or Veterans Designated Representative is provided a budget from the VA, and must complete a spending plan, that is then approved by the VA.
  • Must be willing and able to hire and manage their own employees.
  • Must be willing and able to keep and approve time cards.
  • Must be willing and able to make and adhere to a spending plan they develop and the VA approves.
  • The program can take up to 90 days to become operational depending on the Veteran’s situation.
  • The VA will not stop existing home care until the Veteran’s hired providers are ready to assume care.
  • If the Veteran is on Veteran Directed Care they will not be eligible for VA funded Adult Day Care, Outpatient Respite Care, or Unskilled Home Health Services.
  • If the Veteran attempts the VDC program and finds it is not a good choice for them they can return to the VA traditional home care program, if resources are available in their community.

To learn more about this program visit the Center for People with Disabilities website below:

If you have questions regarding a service, please contact us for more information.