Services to Improve your Quality of Life

Mar 27, 2019

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What is LIV More?

LIV More is part of the LIV Health family!

LIV More is offering services to improve your quality of life and that is exactly our mission, we will offer concierge, money management, and transportation services.

That’s great, but what does offering services to improve my quality of health all mean?…

Thank you for asking!

This means we’re offering the same amazing care in your home, (eh em, LIV Health) but we can now help with more of the little things, so you and your loved ones are able to spend less time worrying and more time doing the things you love.


One of the groups of services we will be offering to improve your life is concierge services. One of our trained staff will meet with you and your family or representatives to determine needs, develop a plan of care, and a realistic budget.

We can help:

  • Complete daily tasks, such as review, sort, organize mail
  • Running errands
  • Monitor groceries and toiletry items and ensure you never run out
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Feeding assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Dementia and respite care
  • and so much more


The second group of services we will be offering to improve your quality of life is money management services. Are you worried about your ability or the ability of an aging loved one to manage the finances? Are your bills piling up? Are you seeing a lot of unopened mail at a loved one’s home? Or late notices?
We can help:

  • Evaluate, monitor, review, balance and pay monthly expenses
  • Oversee paid services and evaluate needs
  • Assist with budgeting for food and other monthly expenses
  • Monitor, track, review and report credit card expenses, cash flow, and expenses
  • Counsel on budgeting and money-saving tips
  • and more


Our third group of services we will be offering to improve your quality of life is transportation services. Need a ride to a medical appointment or just want to go shopping? We can help you get there. If you’d like we can even accompany and assist you for our hourly rate.

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