Meet Julie

Dec 17, 2020

Meet Julie. Julie Hummer-Bellmyer is our Nurse Practitioner here at LIV. Julie has worked in Family Practice, with Veterans at the Cheyenne VA in the Orthopedic clinic/surgery department and at CRMC within the Supportive/Palliative Care unit. She is the physician for our Chronic Care Management program as well!

Q: What’s your favorite family recipe? Will you share?

J: My grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. Will you share? Umm, no however I will bake you some!

Q: What is your medical specialty? And why did you choose it?

J: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. I decided to return to school for a Masters Degree in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner due to the many opportunities available. I chose to become a Family Nurse Practitioner as I love helping people along the journey of life.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

J: I love spending time with my family, we enjoy spending time together in nature: camping, hiking, biking, and fishing.

Q: What is LIV to you?

J: LIV is an awesome opportunity to provide care to the whole person, to provide an opportunity for folks to age in place safely. I am able to provide patients medical services and offer them mental health services, as well as case management services and, our sister company LIV More provides non-skilled services. LIV truly allows me to provide the best care possible to each individual patient in meeting their health care goals.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about the new Chronic Care Management Program, and why it can make a difference for providers, and patients?

J: Chronic care management (CCM)is a program for patients who have 2 or more chronic illnesses. The program assists patients travel along their journey with a better quality of life. Examples of chronic illness include, however, are not limited to dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. The chronic care management program is a comprehensive program that provides care coordination services to help the patient manage their disease as well as social and psychological issues that arise from chronic illness. We will provide an individualized plan of care centered around patient goals. The individualized plan of care is our road map to provide patients the care they deserve and need. CCM is a program that is paid for by Medicare and other insurances are beginning to cover it as well.

Q: Favorite thing to do for self-care?

I like to start off each day with exercise and spiritual readings to set the tone for each day. A nice walk and massage is also great self-care!

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