Meet Jenn

Aug 20, 2020

Meet Jenn! Jenn is a Therapist and Case Manager who works on the Cheyenne team. We’ve asked her a few questions, take a second to get to know her better!

Q: How would you describe yourself as a therapist?

J: Well, I suppose who I am as a therapist is not much different than who I am at my core. I value people for who they are today, tomorrow, and their past. I take into perspective not only how people respond to their life circumstances, but also how these life circumstances have created barriers and affected them. Acknowledgment and validation go a long way. Additionally, I see myself as a facilitator to growth and awareness, and also support people as they learn to acknowledge their strength and ability to be compassionate with themselves. People are so resilient, I want to help people see that because we sure do not hear that enough.

Q: What is Case Management to you?

J: Case management involves a wide variety of roles. In general terms we assist our clients with accessing necessary resources in our community, however, this is not limited to food, shelter, and medical needs. I think one of my favorite roles as a CM is the emotional support we are able to also provide. By connecting people with services they need, we are able to create a genuine and valued connection. As a CM it makes me so happy to see people improve their quality of life both mentally and physically and maintain their independence by utilizing supportive services available to them.

Q: Favorite family recipe? Will you share it?

J: My Grandpa Lopez’s chili Rellenos are the bomb. Flavor yes, but also because they remind me of home and learning family traditions. Our family has pictures of her recipes because she eyeballs everything. I’ll share through flavor and love. Recipes are her secret gems.

Q: Your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

J: I enjoy being with my family, cooking, and the outdoors in general. Oh, and cleaning, as odd as it sounds it is a hobby and stress reliever for me.

Q: What is LIV to you?

J: LIV is being present, listening, facilitating, and doing. We meet people where they are at in many life circumstances. Everyone’s story is different, I appreciate our client’s ability to let us in and opening their lives up to receive support.

Q: Favorite quote, book, thing to do for self-care?

J: For self-care, I benefit from running and quiet time. I am an introvert-extrovert. While I love my work and family, I also need time to regroup and regain my mental and emotional energy through time by myself.

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