Meet Emily Loos

Oct 1, 2020

Meet Emily Loos! Emily is the President and CEO of LIV. She is the founder, creator, and original therapist/case manager. She pretty much knows all there is to know about LIV, so let’s take a second to learn more about her!

Q: What makes LIV different from other agencies?

E: We do things a little backward. I’m a social worker, so we started by offering services that could be done by a social worker, such as case management and mental health services. And our services have grown from there to include a more interdisciplinary team approach, which includes community healthcare workers, psychologists, and nurse practitioners.

Q: What is Case Management to you?

E: Crucial. We all get sick. We have families, we all live the ups and downs of life and if we are lucky, we age. Chances are at one point or another in our lives, we all could use a little help.

Q: What is your favorite family recipe? Will you share it?

E: Everything my mom makes. I didn’t realize the time and energy it takes to feed a family until I had my own and my mom fed us all for decades. And she still does, actually. For any woman who cooks regularly, that is one of your many superpowers.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

E: Dance around the house with my daughter.

Q: What is LIV to you?

E: How much time do I have? Beautiful, hard, messy, love. My greatest accomplishment at LIV was hiring these incredibly intelligent, dedicated, creative, passionate people and letting them bloom. Sometimes I have to just sit in awe of their power. The way they support each other and serve people is so inspiring. What they do- that’s what LIV is to me.

Q: Favorite thing to do for self-care?

E: I have many! I love just hanging out with my family. My entire family is really cool, they make me happy and whole.
I recently read books by James Collins, Isabel Wilkerson, and Sharon Draper. The Sharon Draper book was called Blended and I read it with my daughter. That may have been one of my favorites this year.
There are dozens of quotes that inspire me. The words that go everywhere with me, however, are song lyrics by Tom Petty, “You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.”

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