Is Social Media Bad for our Mental Health?

Jan 5, 2023

As a society, we have done a lot of work breaking down the barriers to mental health treatment as well as the stigmas associated with mental illness. More people than ever are reaching out for help, and yet, suicide rates just keep climbing. Why? If there is more help available, more people being screened, more support being offered, and we are being told there is no shame in needing help, why are so many people still choosing to take their own lives?

One theory is the rise of social media. People tend to show the glamorous parts of their lives or the part they save for the show, but usually, it isn’t the genuine, vulnerable part or truth of the life they live. Add that up to the hundreds of followers and the people you follow who always seem to have it better than everyone else, it can make you feel like you are never good enough. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You ARE enough. You don’t need a bigger house, better clothes, a new car, or a new family. What you see online isn’t real. It isn’t the truth of life.

Life is messy, life is hard. Yes, there are wonderful, beautiful parts of life, too, but it is never glamorous all the time. What you see online is posed, perfected, guarded, and what we want people to see, not what they would really see if we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. If you feel inadequate, sad, or any kind of not good enough after scrolling through social media, delete it off your phone and LOG OFF.

Again, it isn’t real life. It is okay to step away. Spend more time taking walks and talking to those around you who are the closest. Try playing board games, talking on the phone, and maybe even writing a letter to someone you want to reconnect with. It is okay to step away and take a break from social media so you can experience real life again.

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