Have you been wondering how to go about getting started with LIV Health?

Well…it’s easy!

Let’s set up and appointment -right in the comfort of your own home – to assess your needs and see how our services can best benefit your unique situation.

You do not need a referral from a doctor. You can do the referral yourself!

Click HERE for easy access to our referral form.

Once we receive your referral you will be assigned to a case manager or therapist, that person will be the one to call you and set up your first appointment. No bouncing around from person to person, no office visits, sitting in waiting rooms or long intake process. We are here for you!

LIV’s Mission:

Whether you’re seeking help managing the day-to-day care of a sick or aging loved one, hoping to find a personalized counseling solution that finally feels “right,” or need expert direction and assistance with navigating the complex world of healthcare systems for yourself or someone close to you… rest easy. You’ll feel right at home when you trust your care to LIV Health.