Healthcare Paperwork Woes?

Jun 19, 2017

How long have you been staring at the intimidating stack of paperwork that you need to fill out for a loved one in your care?

Maybe that stack of papers has migrated a few times over the past weeks or months, shuffled from desktop to tabletop and back again as you try to summon up motivation to sit down and get it all done.

Maybe you’ve even started to fill out the paperwork a few times, but you only made it a few lines in before you felt like you were in over your head.

Sound familiar? You’re exactly who we’re here to talk to!

According to our owner Emily Loos, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, most caregivers find themselves needing to fill out as many as six applications at a time on behalf of a partner, parent or other relative.

It’s no wonder that so many caregivers are intimidated by paperwork, and we completely get it.

We understand that, for caregivers, filling out paperwork can be an overwhelming and anxiety-producing process,” Emily says. “We often refer to our case managers as ‘experts in paperwork,’ because they really do know how to educate, interpret and simplify the whole process.

Take a deep breath, caregivers. We’re here to help you get that paperwork finished, once and for all.

Picture this: What if you had an experienced, patient and understanding professional who could go through each page with you, step by step, to provide guidance and support?

That’s exactly what one of our case managers can do for you.

We know that, in most cases, it’s not just ‘filling out paperwork,’” Emily explains. “It’s also submitting the paperwork, then following up, then setting up interviews and assessments. We’re able to provide support and education through the whole process.”

What kind of guidance can we provide? Glad you asked! Here are just some of the types of applications and paperwork with which one of our LIVHealth case managers can be of assistance:

  • State and Federal assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Social security
  • Disability
  • Program applications
  • Community Choices Waiver for home care
  • Medicaid
  • Medication assistance
  • Food assistance (SNAP)
  • Funeral planning

Just like you, our case managers want to help your loved one get the care and assistance they need to remain in their homes.

Let’s tackle that paperwork together, today.

Click here to get in touch with a case manager, and we’ll set up an appointment to get started; as always, we’ll come to you!

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