Gratitude for Positivity

Nov 12, 2020

Let’s talk about gratitude for positivity. Look at yourself in the mirror for a few seconds. Do you notice how easy it is for us to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, instead of focusing on what we do like about ourselves? This doesn’t mean we don’t have qualities, it means we are choosing not to focus on them long enough to realize they are there.

Now, take a look again.

This time only focus on what you like about yourself, inside and out, and say it out loud. There should be plenty! Notice how you feel. Just as focusing on our flaws first is usually an instinct, in these unprecedented times, it can definitely feel easier to focus on the bad things happening. For this reason, we might experience an increase in anxiety, sadness, and even loneliness.

Pause and look around you.

But have you paused for a moment and thought about the many good things that have happened? Pause. Look around you. What are you grateful for? Who made a difference in your life this year? Did you laugh at all? Did someone show you compassion, forgiveness, or love? Again, we have good things going for us too, but sometimes we tend to let our mind focus too long on the negative events.

Notice the difference.

Notice the different feelings in you when you are thinking about good things versus bad things. One good strategy to get into the habit of focusing on the positive things in life, which makes us automatically feel a little better, is to write down things you are grateful for every night. Make a list, look at it, read it out loud, feel good about it. Practice this every night and you’ll not only feel better but will start a new habit of thinking positively more often. Win-win, right?

We have created a free printable to help you create the habit, to help guide you through the process of noticing the good things in yourself and your life. Feel free to print and share!


Post written by Suzette Ramirez,
MSW Intern at LIV Health
© 2020, LIV Health

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