Family Planning

Oct 30, 2020

We have talked a lot this month, about Breast Cancer, with it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, October also happens to be Infant Loss and Awareness Month. This month we recognize the unique grief of bereaved parents in an effort to demonstrate support to the many families who have suffered such a tragic loss. Promoting awareness of pregnancy and infant loss not only increases the likelihood that grieving families will receive understanding and support but also results in improved education and prevention efforts which may ultimately reduce the incidence of these tragedies. So for this #featurefriday, we thought we would shift gears a bit and share some info about Family Planning here in Cheyenne!

Family Planning, just as their name suggests is a one-stop-shop for all things Family Planning! They are a public, non–profit organization that provides reproductive health care, contraceptive methods, and counseling services to men and women in Laramie County and surrounding areas.

Their main services are birth control and different types of testing and treatments however that isn’t all they offer, let’s dive a bit deeper into all of their services.

Birth Control.

As mentioned above Family Planning can help you in deciding if contraception is right for you and what your options are. They offer a broad range of different options from pills to implants.

STI/HIV Testing and Treatment.

They also offer testing for sexually transmitted infections as well as HIV. They even have walk-in express visits available at an affordable, flat fee cost! Along with testing, they also offer different treatment options for these and other genital infections. To learn more about these options give them a call at 307.633.4040.

Pregnancy Testing.

Family Planning offers pregnancy testing as well as non-directional options for counseling. They offer a broad range of support and services for women’s health, including reproductive wellness exams for all genders and identities as well as Pap Smears to make sure you are healthy and to prevent or provide early detection for Cervical Cancer.

Adolescent Education.

Family Planning can provide education and information about healthy relationships, parental involvement, and abstinence. They also (in pre-COVID times) provided community outreach events, classroom, and group education opportunities to Cheyenne and the surrounding communities. They can help to provide encouragement and parent-child communication regarding reproductive concerns, sexuality, and contraception. This is all a completely natural thing, and it is definitely best to educate kids, so they can make the best, informed decisions.

At Family Planning all services are confidential, and they provide services to persons of any economic status. As a federally funded agency, patients at 100% of federal poverty level guidelines may receive fully discounted services. Patients are charged on a sliding fee scale based on gross monthly income and size of their family. Donations are also greatly appreciated. They accept Medicaid and most private insurances, and also have some Spanish speaking staff!

Happy parents, create healthy children, and make stable families, and Family Planning is here to help!

Where can you learn more?

They are located inside the City-County Health Building located at 100 Central Avenue in Cheyenne, (inside the main entrance to your left).

They are open Monday thru Thursday from 7 am-6 pm and are closed on holidays, but to schedule your appointment or just get some of your questions answered give them a call at 307.633.4040.

Check them out online

Stop by their Facebook page, and give them a like

If you are located in Laramie, there is also and equivalent to Family Planning there. Laramie Reproductive Health offers the same services as Family Planning here in Cheyenne, so make sure to check them out if you live in Laramie.

At LIV, we can also help if you are experiencing grief of any kind, including the loss of a child. We provide mental health therapy for for

  • Grief/loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Emotional Disorders
  • and more
Getting started is easy. To learn more, you can find us in all the places listed below!