Dementia Support and Education

Jul 8, 2020

By now I’m sure that you have heard that we have Medical Services. Let’s talk specifically about Dementia Support and Education, and how we fit into the world of healthcare in our community…Hang on…here we go!

Dementia Support and Education

What does “providing Dementia/Alzheimer’s support and education” mean?

Our team helps those diagnosed with any type of Dementia, and their caregivers to improve quality of life. At LIV, our approach is patient-centered. We walk beside you and your caregivers along your Dementia journey. We are here to support your physical, emotional and financial needs. We will develop an individualized plan of care.  If your goal is to stay in your home, will assist you. If your goal is to find assisted living, long term care, or hospice we can help with that too. We are here for you and your loved ones 100%.

How do my family and I get started with LIV’s Dementia Care program?

Step 1. Referral

Our referral form is just a short, one-page document (get your copy here) Just fill it out and email to info@livhealth.org, fax it to 307.632.3298, or 970.372.6412 or drop it in the mail, PO Box 20092, Cheyenne, WY 82003.

Step 2. Scheduling a Consultation

Our Nurse Practitioner, Julie, who specializes in Dementia care, will reach out to schedule your first 90-minute consultation.

Your consultation will include your medical history, a physical and neurological exam, cognitive testing, a caregiver questionnaire, and an individualized care plan for patient and caregiver needs.

Step 3: Other Support Services

Our services combined with other partners and agencies in the community can help to provide the best care possible to you or the ones you love.

Community Elements Wheel

We can help with:

  • Mental Health Services: our team is made up of Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors are here to help establish a plan for continuous counseling that best fits your needs, and schedule. Each member of our team is highly trained and has years of experience in the social work sector.
  • Case Management Services: can help navigate the world of health care. It can be intimidating to look at a towering stack of paperwork and not even know where to begin. They can help with Medicare and Medicaid applications, food, housing, Social Security, disability, home care, VA benefits, and more.
  • LIV More can help to do non-skilled tasks, like running errands, providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, social events, the grocery store, or even a walk around the park. They can also provide light housekeeping, assistance with organization and/or meals, Dementia companionship, respite care, and more.
  • Community Resources. We can get you connected with amazing resources like the Alzheimer’s Association, Meals on Wheels, HomeStyle meals, Needs, Salvation Army, and many more.
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Dementia Cafe’s

What does the education piece include?

Julie, our Nurse Practitioner specializes in Dementia and Alzheimers. She is here to help answer questions you may have like:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, how are they different?
  • What is Dementia?
  • The Stages of Dementia?
  • Are there treatments available?
  • How do I know if my loved one has Dementia?
  • What are the normal signs of aging memory loss? What are they?
  • Can you tell me some facts and figures regarding Dementia?
  • Caregiver burnout, what is it? And how do I tell if I have it?

We just threw a lot of information at you, if you have questions please give us a call, send us a message, or reach out on social media. Chances are if you have questions, there is probably someone else out there that has the same questions, and we are happy to answer them!

Give us a call at 307.630.4729 or 970.888.4070 or send us an email to info@livhealth.org.

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