The goal of the comprehensive and supports home and community-based waiver program is to support an individual with disabilities in his or her own community as an alternative to institutional or nursing facility care.



To provide supportive services to eligible persons of all ages with an intellectual or developmental disability, or an acquired brain injury, so they can actively participate in the community with friends and family, be competitively employed, and live as safely and independently as possible according to their own choices and preferences.



  • Be a legal United States citizen
  • Be a Wyoming resident as determined by Medicaid
  • Meet the level of care criteria (LT-104 for intellectual or developmental disability, or LT-101 for an acquired brain injury
  • Meet financial eligibility
  • Meet one of the following clinical eligibility diagnoses:
    • a diagnosis of intellectual disability
    • a developmental disability or a related condition
    • an acquired brain injury
  • Once clinical eligibility is met, qualify on the Inventory for Client and Agency Planning assessment, as administered by the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND).

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  1. Contact Behavioral Health Division at 307.777.7115, or
  2. Select Case Management/Agency
  3. Level of Care Assessment
  4. Financial Eligibility
  5. Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation
  6. Inventory for Client Agency Planning (ICAP)
  7. Waiver Eligibility
  8. Waitlist
  9. Funding Eligibility

If you are determined financially and clinically eligible for the Supports Waiver, you will receive an approval letter. Likewise, if you are determined financially or clinically ineligible for Supports Waiver services, you will receive a denial of eligibility letter from the Behavioral Health Division.


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