to incorporate medical social workers, case managers and mental health providers right into your practice?



No more worrying about hiring, training and vetting social work staff and mental health providers. We take care of that for you. Our team of social workers, psychologists, and case managers have already completed a federal criminal background check and an intense vetting process.

We train our staff on Medicare and Medicaid compliance, community resources, care planning, home health care, evidence based treatments and more. And supervising staff? We do that too!

You never have to worry about having a social worker, case manager or mental health provider available again. We charge a flat rate for medical social work and case management services. That includes all of the requirements of your home health agency or practice, like getting medical orders, care plans, team meetings as well as the patient visit and carrying out the plan of care. And mental health care? We are credentialed with Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and other private insurances.

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