Chronic Care Management

Jan 15, 2021

We are excited to bring Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration Services to our communities! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recognize Chronic Care Management as a critical component of primary care that contributes to better health and care for individuals with chronic conditions.

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic Care Management is a Medicare and Medicaid program that is available to help patients with chronic illnesses and health conditions. These conditions may include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, and more. CCM can help to learn and understand your conditions and live successfully with them. The work involves motivating, intervening, and helping to achieve an improved quality of life.

Why is it important?

Between doctor visits, taking the right medications at the right times, and following advice from different health care professionals, managing chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis or depression can be overwhelming.

We work in collaboration with your primary care team. Ask your doctor about chronic care management (CCM) services, so you can spend less time managing your care and more time doing what you love.

We can assist with:

  • Ongoing case management and medical support for individuals with higher needs
  • Post hospitalization follow-up within 48 hours to ensure you or your patients have medications, home care support, and better continuity of care
  • Check-in visits
  • Healthcare advocates can accompany you to medical appointments and bring a current medication list, along with being the eyes and ears for your primary care team
  • Remote monitoring of chronic illnesses
  • Education and support for patients and caregivers, interpreting discharge summaries, and follow up care
  • Transportation to medical appointments to reduce no-show rates
  • A health advocate can be physically present to assist you with connecting virtually to your Primary Care team
  • Decreased hospitalization
  • Transitioning home from skilled nursing facilities
  • Behavioral health consultations with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to assist with medication and treatment options
  • Connecting to community supports and services, such as home-delivered meals, housing, life alerts, Medicaid, home care, and more

Are you a practitioner or interested in more info about Chronic Care Management? We can help! Give us a call today at 307.630.4729 (Wyoming), or 970.888.4070 (Colorado), send an email to info@livhealth.org or click the button below.

Meet our Chronic Care Management Team

Dr. Kristina Stefka is our Medical Director here at LIV and will be helping to make sure everything runs smoothly!

Suzette Ramirez is our Case Manager who will be there every step of the way to provide support and resources.

Wenda Guest is our Care Coordinator and is happy to get you set up with transportation or other services like grocery shopping, or meal box delivery!

Julie Hummer-Bellmyer is our Family Nurse Practitioner here at LIV. She is the physician who will be helping you or your patients to manage their chronic conditions.

Kayla Foss is our Community Healthcare Worker who is available to take you or your loved one to medical appointments, grocery shop for you, provide socialization or respite care, and more!

Let us help you, your family or your patients manage chronic healthcare conditions while continuing to live life to the fullest. We are here for you every step of the way, and getting started is easy! Anyone can make a referral, you can even refer yourself!

Located in Wyoming? We have an office located at 2622 Pioneer Avenue in Cheyenne. Give us a call at 307.630.4729, or send us a fax at 307.632.3298.

Located in Northern Colorado? Give us a call at 970.888.4070, or send us a fax at 970.372.6412, or you can email us at info@livhealth.org with any questions you may have!

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