Does your practice need social workers?

Contracting with LIV Health


We can provide social work services to your patients. Contracting with LIV Health means no vetting new employees. No background checks. No liability insurance. We do it for you. We have amazing social workers who will work with you and your patients to provide the best care possible.



We have great news for you…

We have an amazing team of social workers who will work with you and your patients to provide the best care possible.

We take care of vetting, insurance, and background checks for all of our social workers, so you don’t have too.

We can help with chronic care management, and behavioral therapy. We will document in your charting system, and can provide services to wrap around the current services you provide. So, together, we can provide the best, well-rounded care possible.

We can also provide medical social work services to home health agencies.

Our service areas include: Cheyenne, Laramie, Torrington, Wheatland, Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley

If you have any question about how contracting with LIV Health works, we would love to hear from you.

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Wyoming Office: 307.630.4729

Colorado Office: 970.888.4070


LIV Health’s Case Managers…

What exactly do the case managers at LIV Health do?

We help you figure out difficult situations. Life is messy and sometimes you need a little help. Our case managers are experienced and well equipped. We know the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA, healthcare, home health care and so much more. We can connect you to the resources you need to live independently and support you in difficult decisions. We are life navigators and we want to help you achieve your best life possible.

Not sure if we can help you?

Call us! We offer a free, brief consultation.

Meet our Case Managers…





Whether you’re seeking help managing the day-to-day care of a sick or aging loved one, hoping to find a personalized counseling solution that finally feels “right,” or need expert direction and assistance with navigating the complex world of healthcare systems for yourself or someone close to you…rest easy. You’ll feel right at home when you trust your care to LIV Health.


  • Our Therapists and Case Managers come to you, wherever you are: in your home, the library, nursing home, assisted living facilities, Arbys…
  • We accept ALL kinds of insurances, I repeat, all kinds of insurances! if you have a question about coverage, we are happy to check into your coverage and co-payments.
  • We offer a sliding fee scale
  • Our Case Managers can assist with:
    • VA Pensions
    • Aid and Attendance
    • Medicare/Medicaid
    • Disability
    • Housing
    • Food
    • Check-in visits if family lives out of town
    • Money Management
    • Advocacy
    • Arranging Home Care Services
    • Transitioning to a higher level of care
    • and so much more!
  • Our service areas are:
    • Cheyenne
    • Laramie
    • Wheatland
    • Torrington
    • Pine Bluffs
    • Northern Colorado (Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins).
  • Patients can work with a Therapist, Case Manager or both.
  • We work with all providers to create a well rounded service model
  • Simple referral process
If you are interested in learning more about LIV Health, we are more than happy to set up a meeting or send our marketing packet with brochures, referral forms, and everything you need to get started today!

Three Benefits of In-Home Counseling We Bet You Didn’t Know

When our founder (hey, Emily!) established LIV Health, her goal was to bring counseling and care directly to her patients, right in the comfort of their homes. Today, Emily and her compassionate, caring team are living that very goal, serving hundreds of patients in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Torrington areas.

One unique service we offer—and one we believe really sets us apart—is in-home counseling. In addition to being incredibly convenient for patients who are homebound, without transportation, or for whom traditional in-office counseling is not an option, in-home counseling offers many benefits.

For example…

In-home counseling is less stressful than traditional office counseling.

For our homebound patients, having someone come directly to their home or assisted living facility removes the burden and anxiety of needing to arrange for transportation to an office or clinic. The same goes for patients who don’t have reliable transportation; there’s no need to worry about how you’re getting to your session, or if you’ll make it there on time, when your session is coming right to you!

In-home counseling patients receive a heightened quality and personalization of care.

When we come to our patients for a session, we immerse ourselves right in the thick of their lives. We see how, where, and in what condition they live; we learn about who they are on a more personal level; we even sometimes get to meet their family members or close friends. These one-of-a-kind insights give us as counselors a “big picture” perspective of who our patients are as people, which then allows us to provide more customized care.

In-home counseling patients are generally more invested and achieve greater results.

Compared to traditional office counseling, in-home counseling patients tend to feel more accountable and involved in their treatment. Part of that is because the counseling sessions happen in their home, so it’s easier for patients to feel connected and open; another reason is that, because the care they receive is so personalized, patients feel like their counselor is truly invested in them, which in turn boosts their own investment in the process.

In addition to in-home counseling services, we strive to make it easy for our rural patients to experience the same level of personalized care by using TeleHealth. We’ll set up qualified patients with a rental iPad, through which we’ll conduct “in-home” sessions via video chat.

If you’re ready to learn more about how in-home counseling with LIV Health can benefit you or someone you love, get in touch by filling out this form; we’d love to see how we can make a difference!