We understand how intimidating it can be to look at a towering stack of paperwork and wonder, “Where do I even start?” We’ve been navigating the system long enough to know exactly where to start and how to use our knowledge and resources to arrive at the best outcome for you!

We can help with:

  • Advocacy
  • Advance directives / medical power of attorney
  • Arranging check-in visits to ill or aging patients
  • Assistance with completing applications for:
  • Eldercare
  • Healthcare management
  • Identifying equipment needs or home modifications necessary for accessibility
  • Risk management
  • Screening/assessments


We’ve partnered with other organizations in the communities we serve to bring you the best care possible!

Veteran Directed Care in partnership with the Center for People with Disabilities

Learn more

Case Management in partnership with the Wyoming Multiple Sclerosis Society

Learn more

Case Management under the Community Choices Waiver and Community and Supports Waiver in partnership with Wyoming Medicaid

Community Choices

Comprehensive and Supports



The list above represents the most common needs we serve for our patients. However, our services are in no way limited to only what you see here.

If you have questions regarding a service not listed below, please contact us for more information.

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