Benefits of In-Home Counseling

Jul 26, 2017

Benefits of In-Home Counseling, We bet you didn’t know…

When our founder (hey, Emily!) established LIV Health, her goal was to bring counseling and care directly to her patients, right in the comfort of their homes. Today, Emily and her compassionate, caring team are living that very goal, serving hundreds of patients in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Torrington areas.

One unique service we offer—and one we believe really sets us apart—is in-home counseling. In addition to being incredibly convenient for patients who are homebound, without transportation, or for whom traditional in-office counseling is not an option, in-home counseling offers many benefits.

For example…

In-home counseling is less stressful than traditional office counseling.

For our homebound patients, having someone come directly to their home or assisted living facility removes the burden and anxiety of needing to arrange for transportation to an office or clinic. The same goes for patients who don’t have reliable transportation; there’s no need to worry about how you’re getting to your session, or if you’ll make it there on time when your session is coming right to you!

In-home counseling patients receive a heightened quality and personalization of care.

When we come to our patients for a session, we immerse ourselves right in the thick of their lives. We see how, where, and in what condition they live; we learn about who they are on a more personal level; we even sometimes get to meet their family members or close friends. These one-of-a-kind insights give us as counselors a “big picture” perspective of who our patients are as people, which then allows us to provide more customized care.

In-home counseling patients are generally more invested and achieve greater results.

Compared to traditional office counseling, in-home counseling patients tend to feel more accountable and involved in their treatment. Part of that is because the counseling sessions happen in their home, so it’s easier for patients to feel connected and open; another reason is that, because the care they receive is so personalized, patients feel like their counselor is truly invested in them, which in turn boosts their own investment in the process.

In addition to in-home counseling services, we strive to make it easy for our rural patients to experience the same level of personalized care by using TeleHealth. We’ll set up qualified patients with a rental iPad, through which we’ll conduct “in-home” sessions via video chat.

If you’re ready to learn more about how in-home counseling with LIV Health can benefit you or someone you love, get in touch by filling out this form; we’d love to see how we can make a difference!

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