A Conversation with Gunnar Malm

Nov 7, 2019

We sat down and had a conversation with County Commissioner Gunnar Malm. We talk about his story, resources that helped him on his journey to recovery, and how he hopes to make an impact in Laramie County.

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Questions we had for Gunnar…

  1. Who is Gunnar Malm?
  2. What led you into leadership in Laramie County?
  3. What type of impact do you hope you will have as County Commissioner.
  4. You’ve been pretty vocal about your support for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment. What led to your passion for those issues?
  5. Tell us more about Recover Wyoming
  6. What types of barriers do you think exist in Laramie County for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder treatment?
  7. What can we do as a community to help reduce the stigma for those who are experiencing Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder issues?
  8. Are there any types of policies or community initiatives that you feel would help improve access to Mental Health or Substance Abuse care?
  9. What was most helpful while in treatment?
  10. What advice would you give to someone who is just now thinking about entering treatment or in the early stages of their recovery?
  11. The miracle question, if we woke up tomorrow and all the issues we’re facing with Mental Health and Substance Abuse in our community we’re solved what would we notice?

Shout out to resources

Two resources Gunnar mentions are Recover Wyoming and The Harmony Foundation, let’s take a second to learn more about them, their missions and how to connect.

Recover Wyoming

Recover Wyoming’s mission is to advocate for persons in recovery and mobilize resources to aid them, their families and allies to increase the occurrence and quality of long-term recovery from addiction. Through recovery promotion and education, Recover Wyoming will work with communities and organizations to advocate that all people seeking and in recovery are treated with dignity and respect.

Did you know Cheyenne has a Recovery Community Center?

Well, we do and it is “a safe space, a welcoming, sober space that allows people from all recovery backgrounds to come together to socialize, access information and resources, and volunteer. They have a meeting space, living room and lounge area, Recovery Union (coffee and gathering spot), and staff offices, and they also access to computers and the internet as well.”

Who do they serve?

“Recover Wyoming is made up of staff, board, and volunteers who include individuals in long-term recovery and family members/allies of people affected by addiction. They serve recoverees and the broader community, family members, employers, etc, and basically, anyone whose life has been impacted by addiction.”

What’s the goal?

“Recover Wyoming supports recovering persons to:

  • Reclaim a productive, healthy place in their families and communities
  • Renew their faith in themselves
  • Rediscover their strengths and abilities
  • Rebuild their dreams
  • Re-invent their lives in long-term recovery”

Where can I learn more?

Recover Wyoming is located at 122 W. Lincolnway in Cheyenne, and are open Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm.

Learn all about upcoming events, and how to support Recover Wyoming by visiting them online

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The Harmony Foundation

The Harmony Foundation’s mission is to provide the foundation for sustained recovery from the diseases of drug and alcohol addiction.

Their vision…

“Harmony provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Clients and their families are welcomed into a collaborative and respectful treatment process that utilizes accepted best practices in addiction treatment. Harmony promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health, empowering their clients to embark upon the lifelong journey to recovery.”

Their values…

“Everyone suffering from Substance Use Disorders has the right to be treated as individuals, with respect, and utilizing evidence-based treatment methodologies and best practices. All persons engaged in Harmony’s treatment programs shall be involved in the development of their individual treatment plan with consideration for their strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. All services are provided in a safe, culturally sensitive and trauma-informed manner.”

“The Harmony Foundation offers many programs including:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Medical Evaluation and Detox
  • ReCommitment to Recovery
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Specialty groups
  • Clinical Case Management
  • Family programs
  • and more”

Learn more about Harmony Foundation

The Harmony Foundation is located at 1600 Fish Hatchery Road in Estes Park, Colorado. Give ’em a call today, 970.305.8072.

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We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Gunnar for taking the time to sit down and talk with us about his journey, and we are grateful to get to share it with you! Thank you, Gunnar!RESOURCES: Music in the video is from bensound.com, All information for Recover Wyoming was found at recoverwyoming.org., All information for the Harmony Foundation was found at harmonyfoundationinc.com

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