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We help you figure out difficult situations. Life is messy and sometimes you need a little help. Our case managers are experienced and well equipped. We know the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA, healthcare, home health care and so much more. We can connect you to the resources you need to live independently and support you in difficult decisions. We are life navigators and we want to help you achieve your best life possible.

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The holidays do not have to be a stressful time filled with elaborate gifts, crazy meals, and massive amounts of baked goods. Sometimes we get so busy with all of the shopping, and wrapping that we forget the true meaning of Christmas. We forget that there are those who may be less fortunate struggling to make ends meet, struggling to feed their children, or struggling to find joy in this season.

Volunteering your time, adopting a family to buy gifts for, ringing the bell for Salvation Army, or giving to those less fortunate are all great ways to spread holiday cheer this season.

Check out these local resources to find out where you can volunteer…
You can also Contact your local schools, shelters or food pantries to see if they know of any needs within our communities. There are so many ways to give, especially during the holidays! Kindness is contagious, spread that stuff everywhere!
Happy Holidays!


for aging or disabled loved ones!

Christmas is coming!! Yes I’ll say it again…

In like 20 days (but who’s counting?)
This year we thought we would come up with a holiday gift guide for you all! We know this time of year may not be jolly for everyone and if that’s the case for you LIV Health can help! We offer in-home counseling and case management. Yep that’s right IN-HOME counseling and case management. If this time of year gets you in a funk, reach out, let us know how we can help! It’s easy to get started…WE PROMISE…For those of you who need help finding a gift for that person who has everything, check out these options below for some ideas and inspiration…
An Amazon Echo or Google Home
(we’re sure there are probably a million other versions) as well, but this could be a great option for anyone, any age! Play music, make phone calls, call for help, the options are endless!
A Salon Experience Hair, Nails, Massage…
Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing spa day. This is the perfect gift for mom, sister, grandma, daughter, aunt…Know they don’t have time to go during the holidays, give a salon gift card!
Gift Cards Galore…For the crafty one
Crafting can be such a personal thing that buying a gift card makes it so your loved one can get exactly what they want and enjoy! Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, and Michaels are great choices!
A Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Reading can also be personal. So instead of guessing what your loved one likes to read, a gift card makes it easy for them to get exactly what they want. A journal, game, or puzzle could be a great gift also.
A Restaurant or Coffee Shop
A gift card or night out to your loved one’s favorite restaurant, or a morning coffee date sounds like a great idea to us! Who doesn’t love good food, or a caffine pick me up!
For the Person Who Loves to be Outside
Bring the outdoors in with this indoor garden. Whether you love flowers, gardening or color, add some sunshine to your life with a mason jar garden. We found these at uncommongoods.com.
Medical Alert System or Fall Detection 
Do you know someone who lives alone, or may be in a season of life where a medical alert device could come in handy. There are many different types and styles. Any of these would make a great gift, and possibly save someone’s life!